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Maravillas WEEKLY A-Z little readers BUNDLE - IN SPANISH

Maravillas Reading series: Little Readers BUNDLE! ALL BOOKS ARE IN SPANISH!

This bundle includes all little weekly books listed below. There are 31 books. If you purchase this bundle, you will save $12 from purchasing them individually.

Maravillas Reading series:
I created these little books to work on during small groups. There are 8 pages per book. 31 books total for 31 weeks of instruction. Students will reinforce beginning sounds, syllables & automaticity with their sight words taught throughout the week. They will also practice segmenting words into syllables as well as blend syllables to form words. As you continue through these books, there is increasing difficulty with from reading sounds to syllables to words and then comprehension of sentences.

Print enough books for one group. Laminate & Bind together.
1 teacher or para will go through this book with the students at the pacing of the students in your group. My more advanced group will be able to get through more pages than the others. I will also be using this during my intervention time with my students who need extra time.

My small group reading happens for 45 minutes. My students are required to switch between myself and two paras. We rotate groups every 15 minutes. One of my paras will work on this with my kiddos.

Please be sure to follow my TPT account as I will be adding weekly updates as we progress through the reading series.

My materials are in no way associated with the Maravillas reading series. I have created these small books to complement the program and our small reading groups.

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